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Ellsworth Mining District, southeastern La Paz County, Arizona

One 160 acre Association Placer Claim (Gold Mesa)
BLM AMC #362640


One 40 acre Association Placer Claim (Gold Acres S.W.)
will be Included with this purchase.

BLM AMC #362456

The Ellsworth Mining District  is well known for its gold production, dating back to the 1890’s. The Gold Mesa Claim is located downslope from numerous gold rich mines.
It is located approximately 4 miles east of the town of Salome, 3 miles south of Wenden on Hwy 60 and about 10 miles north of Interstate 10 that connects Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Mineral rich desert washes enter this claim from the northeast and flow across the claim in a southwesterly direction. These washes cut mineralized outcrops on the claim and upslope. Placer gold and gold rich quartz specimens are found in the washes and benches.
This claim is perfect for the prospector who wants to metal detect, drywash or run a highbanker. Lots of bedrock exposures, potholes and crevices to work. 

Good two wheel drive access and ample space for a dozen or more large RV’s within 5 minutes of the claim. You can be prospecting and mining within one hour of setting up camp. Dozens of old mines to explore for miles. There are only two of these claims available in this beautiful part of the Grand Canyon State.

Priced today at $6500.00
Terms available to qualified buyers.

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