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Contact us today about discussing options with JV or lease to purchase terms on one of our projects. We have several projects available, varying from billion dollar opportunities, to assay proven projects ready to drill...

Reports from certified geologists reveal a range from
100,000 ounces to 2,000,000 ounces of gold on the mining claims we have for sale.
Some with over 400 assays.
Now is the time act before they get sold.
All claims are priced to sell with easy to work terms.

Call Jeff now  .....  602-694-4333
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Investors know that gold prices are on the rise and will continue to climb as world conditions erode, and the value of the U.S. Dollar Continues to fall.

As an investment opportunity, there may not be a better time to
capitalize on todays gold rush.

Our group has geological reports on prospects that the Big Mining Company's passed over when gold was selling for a mere $275 per ounce. If the property didn't have 2 million ounces they passed it up, at $1700 gold it doesn't take much to make that 300,000 oz deposit worth $510,000,000.00.

Now that gold is selling for $1200 $1300 $1400 $1500 $1600 an ounce it's time to work these overlooked properties and put them into production.

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Detailed Summary of
Commercial Prospect's Available for Sale


See a Quick Summary of our Latest Acquisitions

The following properties are available as well, however they are in preliminary phases of development. Only basic information is available to place on the site at this time.
Either re-visit the site or email me here and I will keep you informed when reports are available. If you're looking for a claim to place into commercial production look at our commercial properties.

If you're looking for something smaller to work, maybe by yourself then look at the recreational properties.

1.    Gold, Mercury, Antimony, Eastern Oregon, Wide spread anomalous Au, Hg & Sb, potential large                deposit, Easy access
2.    Gold, Antimony, Eastern Oregon, Wide spread Sb & Au, Mid size deposit,  Easy access
3.    Lithium, Eastern Oregon, mid to large tonnage, Fair access GONE
4.    Lithium, South Central Nevada, Large tonnage potential, Easy access GONE
5.    Mercury, Eastern Oregon, Mid size deposit, Fair access
6.    Potash, Southern Calif., Potential large tonnage, Fair access GONE
7.    Uranium, Southern Calif, Small deposit? (hi-grade), Fair Access
8.    Gold, Copper & Barium, Southern Calif, Mid size deposit, Good access GONE
9.    Gold & Molylbdenum, Southern Calif, Mid Size deposit, Good access
10.  Antimony, Southern Oregon, Small deposit (hi-grade) , Poor access
11.  Gold, lead & zinc, Southern Oregon, mid to large deposit, Fair access
12.  Tungsten, Southern Calif, Mid size deposit Great access
13.  Tungsten, Southern Calif., Mid size deposit, (hi-grade), Easy access GONE
14.  Gold, Northern Calif, Large veins (mid to hi-grade), Easy access
15.  Nickel-Cobalt, Northern Calif, Mid size deposit, Good access
16.  Gold, Central Calif, Narrow veins (hi-grade), Poor to fair access
17.  Zinc, Central Calif, Large hi-grade zinc oxide deposit, Fair Access
18.  Gold, Central Calif, mid size (low-grade), Good access GONE

GOLD prices have climbed to around

$1,300.00 $1,400.00 $1550 back to $1200 per ounce.
(Metal Charts)

A couple months ago gold was climbing through $700.00 per ounce.
There has been a little doubt where the price of gold is going, just you watch...

Where do you really think GOLD price's are going from here?
Experts Predict.....

$1200.00?    $1500.00?    $2000.00?    $2500.00?    $5000.00?

The big mining companies are actively exploring vast areas of the western states staking hundreds of claims.

Clearly, there is a 21st Century Gold-Rush taking place right now!

At this rate the good productive ground will be claimed up soon, leaving basically the beautiful, but mineral barren land.

Do you and your partners own a mineral deposit
that needs further testing?

Click Here
To See Pictures of a Recent Project

Do you need help with?

Claim Staking
Control Grids
 Soil Surveys
 Rock Surveys
 Stream Sediment Surveys
 Mag Surveys
Geologicial Mapping
 Permitting & Bonding
 Road Construction
Drill Pad Construction
Diamond Drilling
Reverse Circulation Drilling
Assays and lab
Bulk Sampling (placer & hardrock)

Surveyors, drillers, geologists and assayers are all busy because of todays Gold Rush..... Miners want to develop good gold mines and patented mines or good claim and either place them into production or convey them to a knowledgeable, qualified mining company. Patented lands near old mines can have minerals too. Especially if they lie along a trend of nearby gold mines.

Email us today to find out what we can do for you!

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